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Support of the process of land development

Our company provides universal services for the development of land, beginning with searching suitable land plots in accordance with your intentions, finishing with support of construction and operation of the property. We guarantee the quality of our services for the entire period of your ownership of the property.
Eurogeocom offers services for the management of your assets throughout their lifecycle, including pre design stage, design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, repair, reconstruction, and decommissioning.

At the pre design stage we will help you in solving problems:
search and selection of a land plot in accordance with your goals, support of negotiations with property owners and real estate transactions;
undertake an integrated audit of proposed asset for its proper assessment and make informed profitable decisions. Preparation of Due Diligence reports according to the Western requirements.

An integrated audit includes, but is not limited to:
commercial audit- an assessment of the potential profitability of the object of property depending on the goals of the customer, preparation of economic calculation of the project implementation;
due diligence evaluation of legal risks of the transaction with the current owner, the legal purity of the property and possible risks;
technical audit- a survey of the current state of the object of property, a technical condition of existing buildings and structures, the identification of urban limits on the interested area, the analysis and the cost of connection of object to engineering networks with alternatives, the ability to connect to a traffic network, identifying traffic risks, the analysis of possibilities of using alternative sources of supply and other resources;
If necessary, we provide an interaction with the authorities, promotion of the project in the media at any level and image promotion of the project;
development and updating of the future object of property concept taking into account wishes of the customer, depending on purpose of the project and current conditions. This work should be completed by the time of the decision on the acquisition of the property;
obtaining technical conditions for connection of object of the property to the engineering networks;
transaction support on the purchase of the property;
support of development process and area planning design and its approval;
carrying out of cadastral and land use planning, obtain development plan of land plot.

At the design stage we perform:
conducting of overall engineering survey;
building structural survey;
archeological studies and passing of historical and cultural examination. Accompany the process of preservation of cultural heritage and its deregistration for the subsequent development of the land plot;
design and support of design stage with the subsequent passage of state / non-state expertise;
independent expert assessment of the quality of materials, design and survey works;
green design;
obtaining permit for construction;
And other types of work.

Under construction:

technical supervision and designer supervision;
geodetic support of construction;
geotechnical works – earthwork operations, networks placement operations, road construction and testing of pile foundations, quality control of the sealing works, construction of floors, etc.;
geotechnical monitoring;
network connection of object of property;

At the stage of object operation we organize:

management process of infrastructure and engineering assets;
creation of geographic information GIS database of existing assets for ease of management;
geotechnical monitoring of structures and buildings;
provision of engineering services for the operation of the building;
geotechnical support (repair and reconstruction works);
engineering systems maintenance.

If You are interested in our services, we will be excited to share with You more information and discuss the details of Your project. Please contact us via the contacts available on our website.