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Technical inspection of buildings and structures

Inspection of a technical condition of buildings and structures on the territory of the Russian Federation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST 31937-2011 "interstate standard. Buildings and structures. Rules of inspection and monitoring of technical condition" and other regulations and rules in the field of inspection of bearing structures.

Our company is equipped with the necessary instrumentation and tool base and has in its composition qualified specialists to perform surveys of building structures of buildings and structures for various purposes. The organization has sufficient and successful international experience in the following activities:
Inspection of buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes;
Inspection of metal structures;
A survey of pavement;
Inspection of hydraulic structures, including underwater structures;
Geotechnical and geodetic monitoring of the state of buildings;
Inspection of underground structures and tunnels;
Inspection of soil conditions of the bases of buildings and structures.

In accordance with the requirements of GOST 31937-2011, the first inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures should be carried out no later than two years after its commissioning. Further inspection of technical condition of buildings and constructions is carried out at least once in 10 years and at least once in five years for buildings and constructions or their separate elements working in adverse conditions (aggressive environments, vibrations, the increased humidity, seismicity of the area of 7 points and more, etc.). For unique buildings and structures, a constant monitoring mode is established.

Inspection of structures is mandatory when:

Changes in operating loads on buildings and structures;
The presence of significant defects and structural damage;
In the absence of as-built or project documentation for the construction;
Changing the purpose of the functional purpose of the building or its reconstruction;
Observation and monitoring of adjacent buildings and structures in the process of construction works on adjacent land plots;
After exposure to buildings as a result of natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other emergencies).

Works on inspection of structures include the following stages:

Preparatory work (preparation of the work program, study of the existing design and as-built documentation, materials of engineering surveys, initial inspection of the structure, etc.).);
Preliminary visual examination;
Detailed, if necessary, instrumental examination (measurements of building structures, sampling for testing in specialized testing laboratory centers, etc.).);
Drawing up a technical conclusion with the necessary conclusions about the state of the structures, the causes of possible defects, calibration calculations, development of recommendations for further repair and operation of facilities).

Our company has the most valuable experience of inspection of buildings and structures around the world, including complex special work on underwater diving survey.