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Engineering-hydrometeorological surveys

Engineering-hydrometeorological surveys are performed in complex with engineering-geological, engineering-geodesic and engineering-ecological researches, in geocryological studies, surveys of water sources based on groundwater investigation and in studies of:
process of impoundment (underflooding)area by groundwater or modify their chemical composition;
channel and floodplain deformation of rivers and mudflows;
shoreline of lakes and reservoirs erosion, the dynamics of sea coasts.

Engineering and hydrometeorological survey includes:
collection, analysis and generalization of stationary observations of Roshydromet and materials of previously completed engineering and meteorological research and studies;
reconnaissance exploration of engineering survey area;
observations of elements of hydrometeorological regime;
the study of dangerous hydrometeorological processes and phenomena;
office study of materials and the definition of essential design characteristics;
preparation of technical report or relevant section.

If required special researches are performed as a part of engineering and meteorological survey, providing the study of:
microclimatic conditions and conditions of pollutants dispersion in air and water environments;
characteristics of the hydraulic regime of rivers, tailrace of waterworks, etc.;
the mode channel and floodplain deformation of rivers, recycling of shores of lakes and reservoirs, water erosion processes, the dynamics of coastal zone of seas;
water balance of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and flooded (drained) areas, etc.;
conditions of runoff formation processes on the reference pools and rivers;
hydro-physic and ice-thermal conditions of water bodies and watercourses;
the features of hydrodynamic regime of water area (ports, bays, etc.);
features of hydro-biological and hydrochemical regimes of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, coastal waters of seas, etc.

The need to perform certain types of hydrometeorological works, its composition and volume should be set in the program of engineering surveys on the basis of customer`s technical assignment depending on type and purpose of buildings and constructions, its level of responsibility, stage of design, as well as the complexity of the hydrometeorological conditions of the area (pad, road) construction and the extent of knowledge.

Task to perform the engineering and geodetic surveys must include the estimated composition of hydrometeorological characteristics (determines technical customer) including requirements of SP 47.13330.2012.