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Engineering and environmental surveys

Engineering-ecological surveys for construction are performed for the evaluation of the current state and forecast of possible changes of natural environment under influence of anthropogenic load to prevent, minimize or eliminate harmful and undesirable environmental and related social, economic and other consequences and maintain optimum life conditions of the population.

Materials of engineering-ecological surveys should provide a Declaration (petition) of intent, planning documentation, the sections "Assessment of environmental impact" (EIA) at the stage of justification of investments and "environmental Protection" (EP) in the construction project.

Technical specification for performing engineering-environmental survey should contain:
information on the location of the competitive properties of the object (or the location of the selected sites);
seizures of natural resources (water, forest, mineral), area of land acquisition (pre-consolidation, purchase for permanent use, etc.), fertile soils, etc.;
information on existing and projected sources and indicators of harmful environmental influences(location, estimated depth of exposure, composition and content of pollutants, intensity and frequency of emissions, etc.);
common technical solutions and parameters of projected technological processes (type and amount used of raw materials and fuels, their sources and environmental safety, the height of the chimneys, the volume of reverse water supply, wastewater, gas and aerosol emissions, cleaning system, etc.);
data on the types, quantities, toxicity, system of collection, storage and disposal of the waste;
information about potential accidents, types of accidents, volley emissions and discharges, possible areas and subjects, the measures for their prevention and elimination.

Engineering and environmental surveys include:
collection, processing and analysis of published and library materials and data on the state of the natural environment, search for similar facilities operating in similar environment;
environmental interpretation of aerospace materials using various shooting modes(black-and-white, multispectral, radar, thermal, etc.);
route observations with component-wise description of natural environment and landscapes as a whole, condition of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, sources and signs of contamination;
excavation for obtaining environmental information;
ecological-hydrogeological research;
soil researches;
geoecological sampling and assessment of contamination of atmospheric air, soils, surface water and groundwater;
laboratory chemical-analytical research;
research and assessment of radiation environment;
research and assessment of physical impacts;
the study of vegetation and animal world;
socio-economic studies;
sanitary-epidemiological and medical-biological research;
stationary monitoring(environmental monitoring);
office processing of materials and report writing.

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