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Engineering-geological surveys

Geotechnical studies are performed in accordance with SP 11-105-97.

Engineering-geological surveys should provide a comprehensive study of engineering-geological conditions of the area (site, plot, track) of the designed construction, including topography, Geology, seismotectonic, geomorphological and hydrogeological conditions, composition, condition and properties of soils, geological and engineering-geological processes, and forecasting of possible changes of engineering-geological conditions in the area of interaction of the designed objects with the geological environment for the purpose of receiving necessary and sufficient materials to substantiate the design preparation of construction, including measures of engineering protection of the construction and environmental protection, the development of the project of foundation.

Engineering and geological surveys include the following activities:
collection and processing of survey materials and research of the previous years;
interpretation of aerial and cosmic materials;
reconnaissance survey including route and airborne visual observation;
geophysical studies;
field studies of soils;
hydrogeological studies;
stationary monitoring (local monitoring components of the geological environment);
laboratory analysis of soils, groundwater and surface water;
a survey of Foundation soils of existing buildings and structures;
preparation of the forecast of changes engineering geological conditions;
office processing of materials and preparation of the technical report (conclusions).

For a comprehensive study of the modern state of engineering-geological conditions of the territory (district, site, route), intended for building development, an assessment and forecast of possible changes of these terms when used should provide for the implementation of engineering-geological surveys, including the complex of individual species and survey work. Detail (scale) of the shooting should be justified in the survey.