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Engineering-geodesic surveys

Engineering-geodesic surveys are performed in accordance with SP 11-104-97.

Topographical survey should provide topographic and geodetic materials and data, engineering survey plans, compiled in digital and (or) graphic (paper) form and information required for the preparation and establishment of territorial planning documents, territory planning and preparation of project documentation.

Engineering and geodesic surveys include the following main activities:
creation of geodetic networks;
creation and (or) updating of topographic plans at scales 1:5000 – 1:200, including in digital form, survey of underground communications and constructions;
tracing of linear objects;
engineering and hydrographic works;
geodetic monitoring of deformations of buildings and constructions, movements of the earth's surface and dangerous natural processes;
a special geodetic and topographic works during construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures.

As part of the engineering-geodesic surveys, if necessary, also perform the following special types of works and research:
collection, systematization and analysis of materials engineering surveys: topographic, geodetic, aerial survey, land survey, etc. stock (archival) materials and data from previous years;
collection, interpretation and analysis of materials remote sensing of Earth;
reconnaissance survey of the territory (plot, track) of engineering survey;
geodynamic studies, containing the creation of special geodetic networks and observations of the modern vertical and horizontal movements of the earth's surface on geodynamic polygons;
measuring work in the reconstruction and restoration of buildings and structures (if necessary);
surveying work related to staking and fixing of mine workings, geophysical and other observations.

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