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Industrial design and civil structures
Roads and bridges

Design of industrial and civil structures.

Company Eurgeocom carries out the design work:

industrial and civil facilities;
linear structures (roads, Railways, pipelines, power lines, etc.).);
transport infrastructure (bridges and tunnels, gas stations, etc.).

Our designers and architects have extensive experience in the design of objects around the world in various sectors of complexity and specificity of development.

In accordance with the town Planning Code, project documentation is a documentation containing materials in text form and in the form of maps (schemes) and defining architectural, functional and technological, structural and engineering solutions for the construction, reconstruction of capital construction projects, their parts, capital repairs.
Implementation of the preparation of project documentation is not required in the construction, reconstruction, overhaul of individual housing construction (detached houses with a number of floors not more than three intended for one family). In other cases, the design with the preparation of project documentation is required.

To perform the design work required:

technical specification;
town-planning plan of the land plot or in the case of preparation of the project documentation of the linear object, the territory planning project and the land surveying project;
results of engineering surveys;
technical conditions (if the functioning of the designed capital construction object can not be provided without connection (technological connection) of such an object to the networks of engineering support).

If necessary, our organization will collect and prepare the above documents for the Customer independently.
Preparation of project documentation is carried out on the basis of the customer's task, as well as the requirements in the above documents.

The following sections are included in the design documentation of capital construction objects, except for the design documentation of linear objects:

Explanatory note with initial data for architectural and construction design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul of capital construction projects, including the results of engineering surveys, technical conditions;
Scheme planning organization of the land, which is made in accordance with the information specified in the urban plan of the land;
Architectural solution;
Design and space-planning solutions;
Information about the engineering equipment, on networks engineering-technical maintenance, the list engineering-technical actions, contents of technological solutions;
The project of organization of construction of objects of capital construction;
Project of organization of works on demolition or dismantling of capital construction objects, their parts (if necessary, demolition or dismantling of capital construction objects, their parts for construction, reconstruction of other capital construction objects);
List of environmental protection measures;
The list of measures to ensure fire safety;
The list of actions for ensuring access of disabled people to objects of health care, education, culture, rest, sports and other objects of social and cultural and municipal and household appointment, objects of transport, trade, public catering, objects of business, administrative, financial, religious appointment, objects of housing stock (in case of preparation of project documentation for construction, reconstruction, capital repairs of such objects);
If necessary, estimates for construction, reconstruction, overhaul of capital construction projects;
Other documentation provided by laws and requirements.